„Transocean Lietuva“ carried out the special delivery of 4 boilers at the end of Spring, 2015.

Boilers were manufactured in Lithuania for French company. The weight of boilers were 13 and 48 tons.

Low bed special chassis were used on the route from Kaunas city to the Klaipeda port after pre-trip route survey, because each boiler had 5 meters height and 5 meters width. The distance of 250 km took 12 hours. At some places on  the way road signs were removed and we must lift up electricity cabels. Since cargo had insufficient fastening points for sea transportation, we also had to adjust the fastening loops on each boiler.

„Transocean Lietuva“ chartered the break bulk vessel for shipping cargo to the Montoir port in France. Lashed fittings were welded in ship’s hold to ensure a safe transportation.